The Next Best Thing to Showering With a Dental Hygienist

Until we're all able to shower from bed, Waterpik's new Showerpik is the next best thing for simplifying our morning routines. It works like any other Waterpik, blasting the spaces between your teeth clean like a dental floss fire hose. But since it taps into your existing shower head you don't need to keep a reservoir of water nearby.

A waterproof rechargeable battery powers the $70 Showerpik's built-in pump so you don't need to risk electrocution wiring up your shower, and the setup works with any shower head so you don't need to replace the entire fixture. Installation is fairly straightforward, and if you add a waterproof electric toothbrush to the mix, you can easily spend the majority of your morning in there. [Waterpik via Uncrate]


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