The Next-Gen iPod Touch Mock-Up

The Next-Gen iPod Touch Mock-Up

Click to viewHere's the mock-up of the next generation iPod Touch. And when we say touch, we mean touch: the home button doesn't have to be pressed, it could be electrostaticmagickalifragilistic and glow. Call us wild speculators if you want —you will be right—but we are betting/lusting on it: Apple's iPod 100% Touch. Just like the latest Samsungs. Or maybe not. Who cares. We just want it.

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I really like a lot of the stuff that APPLE is doing, but, the reality of the situation is that none of their latest products are ground breaking in any way. The marketing is phenomenal and should be praised more than their products.

So many portable media players coming out of Japan and other countries (yes, even in the US) that do, incredible things, but are not marketed in the way APPLE or M!CROSOFT is doing it (just to name a few).

I saw a cool little media player the other day called THE TWILIGHT. It's from Japan, who knows what the company is called. But it's completely touch-screen, 8GB, plays videos, music, slideshow for images, AM-FM Radio, records sounds, has games and it even has a cool feature that recognizes hand writing, what ever you hand write on the screen it turns into text, and yes, it reads .TXT documents. But the marketing; it's almost none existent. I found out about it browsing tech booths in a mall one day.