The Next Generation of SD Cards Will Guarantee 4K Video Shooting

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A couple of smartphones aside, 4K video has until recently been the preserve of pro-level equipment, and the memory cards found in most devices just can't keep up. But the next generation of SD cards will change that.


The SD Association—for such a thing does indeed exist—has announced that an Ultra High Speed Class 3 format, otherwise known as U3, will soon be available. If the name left you in any doubt, this thing should be extremely capable indeed, guaranteeing write performance of at least 30 MB/s, which is plenty to record 4K video with no glitches.

Of course, you'll need to wait for devices that can use the standard, as well as the cards. But it's nice to know they're on the way. [SD Association via Engadget]


Image by StephenVelasco under Creative Commons license

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It's a bitter-sweet love affair I have.

One one hand, pro filmmaking is becoming more accessible and easy to do.

On the other hand, filmmaking is becoming more accessible and easy to do.

My point is, filmmaking is going through what photography went through; in 15 years 8k cameras will be no big deal, cost as much as decent DSLRs today, and the prestige and challenges of filmmaking will be "degraded" just as photography was. You know how it is today (in regards to photography): Just because you can afford a good camera doesn't mean your a photographer. Eventually filmmaking will become the same.

Of course that doesn't mean that there won't be any good films, but as an aspiring filmmaker, I feel that the film community will become more accessible, but lose it's exquisiteness/prestige/appreciation, JUST as the photography world experienced that. (photogrpahy used to be a professional, respected CAREER, even 15-20 years ago, never mind the film era.- I see the same transition happening for film). And both arts are and still will be seen as a respected form of expression, but the deluxe-ness will be forever lost, at the expense of, again, accessibility (due to significant price drops, ease of use, etc.)