Play features were all the rage with the Transformers toys when they first released—anything and everything to gets kids begging to buy the new mini-Transformer that transforms into something for an even bigger Transformer. Now one of those beloved action features is making a comeback in the next wave of Transfomers!

Following the announcement of a comic book/cartoon/action figure event called “Titan’s Return”, at New York Comic Con Hasbro unveiled the Transformers Generations line’s contribution to the event, which will see Sentinel Prime return to do battle with some of the hugest robots in Transformers lore.

And that contribution is a great big throwback to the transforming heads of original toy line. The mini Titans Return Master line will feature four Transformers: Terribull, Nightbeat, Crashbash, and Loudmouth. Each can transform into a robot form as well as a head that can be used on any of the new Titans Return figures in the Voyager, Leader, Legends, and Deluxe classes—and come with a seperate vehicle or beast accessory that likewise can transform into a weapon for one of the new figures to use. Now even the accessories are transforming robots!


The figures they’re accessorising, however, look pretty good on their own. Hasbro unveiled a ton of additions to the Generations line: In the Leader Class there’s Blaster, while Galvatron joins the Voyager Class. Rewind and Stripes (in Jaguar Form) join the Legends series, while finally Headmaster Hardhead and Skullcruncher enter the Deluxe line. You can check out pictures of all six Transformers below:

Hasbro didn’t reveal any pricing or availability for the figures just yet, but anticipate them early next year as the company puts “Titan’s Return” as the focus of their Transformers output.

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