The Next LG Optimus G2 Actually Looks A Lot Like the Next Nexus 4

Though it may seem like LG is forgotten in a world of S's and Ones, LG actually made the very great Nexus 4 and the super fast LG Optimus G Pro. So in making the upcoming Optimus G2, LG seems to have combined both phones. Taking the namesake of the Optimus G, the G2 looks to be a lot curvier like the Nexus 4. Let's hope it doesn't get in its own way with its software.


Engadget got their hands on what looks to be the LG Optimus G2 and it has rounded corners and no physical buttons on the face of the phone. The 5.2-inch 1080p screen takes up the bulk of the phone too making it seem pretty seamless with the edge. We can also expect a 2.3ghz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor with 2gigs of RAM making up its guts.

To be honest, it looks great. Interestingly though, LG seems to have put the volume buttons on the back of the phone, right under the camera. The LG Optimus G2 is expected to be announced next month. See more pictures here. [Engadget]

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