The Next Xbox Could Be Six Times As Powerful

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According to IGN, sources close to the next Xbox project have told them the new console will have six times the graphics processing power of the Xbox 360, and will have 20 percent more performance than Nintendo's Will U.


Sounds pretty awesome right? Too bad it's not expected to ship until October or November of 2013. Le sigh. IGN's sources have also confirmed that the Xbox 720's—or whatever it ends up being called—GPU will begin production by the end of this year, and will be based on AMD's 6000 series instead of the newer 7000 series. More specifically, it will most likely be not that far off from the current $80 Radeon HD 6670.

On one hand it's nice to see the rumors of the next-gen Xbox starting to solidify, but on the other hand, waiting until 2013 to get our hands on one is going to be arduous. [IGN]


Six times as powerful sounds good, but I'm still dissapointed by the card. When the 360 launched the Radeon x1800 was still on the upper end of what you could get on PC at the time, even though the Geforce 8800 launched soon after with huge performance leaps. For late 2013, I would expect the Nextbox to at LEAST have the Graphics Core Next architecture, namely the 7k series. Then again the latter mainly improves general purpose compute performance and is only evolutionary in game performance, so maybe a tweaked 6k series would give better performance. But still, late 2013 is a while off, I wanted the next generation consoles to ship with whatever is new at the time of launch, not something that will be two years old by then.

And even if they do use the 6k series, the 6670 is a budget card. Yes, consoles won't be pushing the resolutions PC's can, so it may be adequate for significantly better looking games on 1080p, but for future-proofing and giving developers headroom, 3D gaming, etc?

20% more powerful than the Wii U is pitiful. There's a chance that the CPU, RAM, and other subsystems will be more advanced, but that number still makes me sad.

Also to consider, most new 360 games are using upscaled 560p, the new GPU would have to push 4x the pixels for 1080p, if its only 6x more powerful that doesn't leave much headroom.

So yeah, hoping this is false and like the 360 it launches with whatever is new at the time and upper-mid range at least.