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The Nexus 4's Charging Orb Is Now On Sale in Google Play

Illustration for article titled The Nexus 4s Charging Orb Is Now On Sale in Google Play

The Nexus 4 has been around for a few months now, but the Android phone's pretty wireless orb charger is just now available in the Google Play store.


The accessory costs $60 and is supposed to ship in less than a week. And while $60 seems like a lot to spend on a charger, the unexpected monster demand for the Nexus 4 probably means it'll sell out soon. So if you want one, don't dawdle. [Google Play via Verge]

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Wireless charging is convenient when the charger form factor is a slim flat surface and quite larger than the device to be charged. So you "throw it on there" and it charges. If I'm supposed to put my phone in an exact position you might as well give me a conductive charger, a connector dock or whatnot. People who designed this don't get the first thing about what's convenient about inductive charging. And we're supposed to pay $60 for it? Give me a break.