The Non-Electronic iPhone Dock

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Electricity—who needs it!? The Koostik, an iPhone dock made of wood (and nothing else), has "specially designed sound channels and hemispherical sound chambers" for "rich, dynamic and natural acoustic amplification." Perfect for the iPhone-user with an Amish streak.

The Koostik relies solely on the iPhone's built-in speaker, amplifying it gently kind of like an acoustic guitar. The people who created it say it'll make your iPhone two to four times louder, which still may not be all that loud, but if you've never been one to crank your music, it's certainly a nice looking place to put your iPhone.


It works with iPhones old and new and is available for $90 in various combinations of Cherry, Walnut, and Birdseye Maple. Order now and you'll get yours in time to confuse whoever you're giving it to for the holidays. [Koostik]