The Official White House Snapchat Just Called Betsy DeVos Secretary of 'Educatuon'

On Monday, while reading an Easter story to dozens of children she’s about to doom to a substandard education, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was featured on the official White House Snapchat under an interesting title: “Secretary of Educatuon.”


The way I see it, there are three likely explanations for this error:

1. The official White House Snapchatter was uploading the photo from inside Sean Spicer’s Easter Bunny suit. Texting with those giant, fur fingers is difficult and the social media intern made an honest mistake before uploading. This is at least as plausible as Sean Spicer accepting the Anti-Defamation League’s offer of a personal lesson in Holocaust history.

2. The official White House Snapchatter was doing the social media version of blinking out “help me” in Morse code while under duress, subliminally sending the message that DeVos is a flagrantly unqualified pick for Secretary of Education. This is at least as plausible as five million people voting illegally against Trump in November.

3. The official White House Snapchatter, realizing we’re on the brink of simultaneous humanitarian crises across the globe and pending nuclear warfare, was overwhelmed by the futility of all existence, and just didn’t bother correcting the typo. This is, roughly, at least as plausible as all the coal mining jobs coming back.

Of course I have pages. I had pages five years ago. How anyone can believe I don’t defies belief.


Nick Burch

Just playing devils advocate but with the amount of typos I’ve read on this site... isn’t this a “glass houses” situation?