The Perfect Microwave Listens to Popcorn Popping So It Never Burns

Tossing a bag of popcorn in the microwave is much easier than dragging out the hot air popper, except that you have to watch it like a hawk to make sure it doesn't burn. Alternatively, you can swap out your dated microwave for this new model from Whirlpool that actually listens to the popcorn as it pops to make sure your snack never gets scorched.

As far as microwaves go this new model packs all the bells and whistles a time-conscious chef could need, including a convection fan for more even heating and a steaming option for your veggies.


But what most of us will really care about is the microwave's AccuPop Cycle that automatically adapts the cooking time for a bag of popcorn by listening to how frequently the kernels are popping using a sound sensor. When the time between pops reaches a pre-determined duration, the microwave turns off so you're left with a snack that's not burnt to a crisp.

Is that worth $569 when you can easily find a microwave for less than $100 these days? Obviously, yes. [Whirlpool via FoodBeast]

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