For longer hotel stays, it makes life easier to put all your clothes in drawers instead of rifling through a tangled web of t-shirts, shorts, and shoes. Or, you could make things even easier with a suitcase that transforms into a pre-packed dresser.


Inside the ShelfPack you’ll find a series of stacked shelves that let you pre-organize your clothing and outfits as you pack them. It’s no larger than a regular-sized suitcase when sealed up, but when you get to your hotel room, a pair of telescoping supports can be extended that turn those shelves into a mobile dresser.

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Your days of digging for a particular pair of socks you just knew you packed are long gone, and it makes sorting clean clothes from dirty laundry much easier. At around $350, it isn’t for the budget-conscious, but the ShelfPack is certainly not the most expensive suitcase you can buy. And despite not being carry-on friendly, the convenience it offers when you get to your destination—after your exhausting globe-trotting journey—still makes it worthwhile.

[ShelfPack via Ubergizmo]

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