The Pollywogs: Nutella

The Pollywogs. I didn't know this band until I saw this video yesterday. Hey, my love for punk starts and stops with the Ramones and The Clash—because I'm old like that. The Pollywogs are from Cologne, Germany, and while I don't particularly like their music, I have to give them props for this disgustingly awesome and awesomely disgusting video. It's Nutella, their latest single.


Seems like they are in a cringe-inducing visual collision course with Die Antwoord. But you know what? At least these guys are doing whatever the hell they want instead of going along with the standards set by the mainstream American recording industry. Kudos to them for that. [Amazon, iTunes, Spotify]

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Levente Xaevus Reventon

once when i was little i went to the washroom (secretly with a jar of nutella) and told my sister i was going to poo. I came back with shit (nutella) all over my hands and my sister was grossed out! then i showed my parenets and they freaked out! AND THEN I ATE IT OFF MY HANDS and they... they... they are furious. and my sister almost threw up.

PS.I fucking love nutella.

PSS.Im eat it almost everyday and i still only weigh 160 at 6'0