The Private Rocker Is a Perfect Place to Escape the Office

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Anyone who works in an open office, one without cubicles or private spaces of any sort, knows that having a place to escape to, if even for a few minutes, is invaluable. But bathroom stalls aren't exactly tranquil, and faking a phone call is more work than it's worth.

The Private Rocker, designed by Cranbrook Academy of Art student Kyle Fleet in collaboration with Herman Miller, is perfect solution to this privacy problem. This wood, leather, and wool rocker was one of six designs to be prototyped from Herman Miller's joint research project Rest and Concentration in the Workplace.


Its deep seat and high back and sides, comfortably upholstered in a soft felted wool, afford "visual and acoustic privacy for a variety of restful postures." The only problem with the concept, in theory, is that fighting for a turn in the chair will likely cause quite a commotion. [Inhabitat]