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Consumer Reports writes about the pros and cons of LED Christmas tree lighting. In summary:

• Not surprisingly, LEDs womp all over incandescents for power saving, using ~3-33% less power, saving you up to $10 bucks every 300 hours.

• Not surprisingly, LEDs won the durability test, failing to burn out over 4,000 hours, with standards burning one or two out per strand before half that time.

• LEDs were not brighter, but ran cooler—Did you know 14 people a year are killed as a result of Christmas tree fires?

• Surprisingly, LEDs and incandescents tied for initial price, at about an average of 7 bulbs per buck.

No word on the pros and cons of candles vs LEDs in manorahs. What are your experiences? And know any sources for reliable LED tree lights? [Consumer Reports and]


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