The Pros and Cons of LED Christmas Lights

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Consumer Reports writes about the pros and cons of LED Christmas tree lighting. In summary:

• Not surprisingly, LEDs womp all over incandescents for power saving, using ~3-33% less power, saving you up to $10 bucks every 300 hours.

• Not surprisingly, LEDs won the durability test, failing to burn out over 4,000 hours, with standards burning one or two out per strand before half that time.

• LEDs were not brighter, but ran cooler—Did you know 14 people a year are killed as a result of Christmas tree fires?

• Surprisingly, LEDs and incandescents tied for initial price, at about an average of 7 bulbs per buck.

No word on the pros and cons of candles vs LEDs in manorahs. What are your experiences? And know any sources for reliable LED tree lights? [Consumer Reports and]


Broken Machine

@mantari: Sorry, I do not agree with the last statement, I have done better than "break even" with my LED Xmas light purchases.

4 years ago, I purchased 10 strands of Forever Bright lights on sale at Boscov's....for $4 a strand. I have used them from November until January every year, removing the lights in the off season. One strand had to become a donor unit, but so far, I've gotten to use 9 strands each year. A couple of years ago I purchased the Philips icicle lights and have had them up and on ALL year for two full years (We have the lights INSIDE porch frame and tuck up the icicle strands during the off season so as to not look like the trailer-park crowd). Obviosly I have gotten my money back and then some.

Basic Xmas lights that you buy for $2-$3 a strand do not last in weather. The LED lighting I got has nbetter connections that previous lights, and Ive had no problem with shorts or failures. Save two or three burnt bulbs on the Forever Bright, Ive had 0 issues. My time is more important than a few bucks anyway. If they lasted only 2 years, it would have been worth it.