The PSP to Feature the World's Largest Comic Book Store?

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Sony recently conducted one of their infamous product surveys that not only made mention of the PSP PlayStation Store selling comic books, but actually played this video demoing the media on the PSP:


Comic books are not a completely new medium to reach the PSP platform, with the Metal Gear franchise already releasing some incredible quasi-motion graphic novels on the handheld. But the video's promise of "the world's largest comic book store" coupled with a pretty solid navigational interface has our interest piqued for certain. [Joystiq]

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Yeah, I took the survey, and basically said I'd go along with it if the price was right. They offered different price points and asked how I felt about them, and delineated between comics, graphic novels, and manga. It also mentioned a potential monthly service version, where you pay an access fee as opposed to per-issue. And it asked about sharing (with a suggestion in parentheses that it would be legal). Something I felt they should have asked would be about how much I'd be willing to pay for monthly access based on how extensive their library of back issues would be.