The Real Life Civilization-Building Kit

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For two years, a group of engineers has been working on the Global Village Construction Set, a collection of 40 DIY machines that can build a small, modern civilization anywhere with sun, soil, and water. Sounds like hard work.

Making these machines, the group explains, is 8 times cheaper than buying them from manufacturers, on average. And in a world where resources might be scarcer than we anticipate more quickly than we anticipate, their ambitious project could prove to be a vital one. They're publishing the full schematics and diagrams on their Wiki, so anyone can use them once shit goes Mad Max. If the internet still works, that is. OK, maybe you should print them out now just to be safe.

They liken it to a "real-life LEGO set," but it's not all a reality quite yet—they've currently made prototypes for 8 of the 40 planned machines, though their brick-making machine—the world's "first high-performance, open-source model"—is already looking pretty impressive. [Open Farm Tech]


Here's my real "real life" civilisation rebuilding kit.

Flint and steel, axe, knife, bow and arrow, corn, wheat and bean seeds. Done.

Did I miss anything? iPad maybe?