The Real Life Museum of Indiana Jones

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Thirty years after his big screen debut in the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones is back on the scene and ready to inspire a new generation of budding archeologists.

The swashbuckling adventurer is the star of a traveling exhibit now at the Montreal Science Center in Montreal, Canada. Visitors can check out props from the Indiana Jones films like the headpiece to the Staff of Ra and the Ark of the Covenant. You remember the scene — Indie positioned the staff so the sun would shine through the crystal and pinpoint the final resting place of the mythical Ark.

The show mixes movie memorabilia with real-life artifacts such as gold coins from Panama and funeral slates from Ancient Egypt. If the archeology is too dry for you, you can check out video and photos from the movie and real-life archeological digs. There's even a treasure hunt which will test your field archeology skills.


The exhibit opened April 28th and will stay in Montreal until September 18, 2011. Indiana and his pals will then pack up and head to Europe and Asia for the rest of the tour. This Canadian stop is the only North American destination so Indie fans should plan a jaunt up north to catch it before it heads overseas.

[Indiana Jones and The Adventure of Archeology]