The Regio Toilet is So Awesome, It Has Its Own Soundtrack

Like most of the premium toilets made in Japan, the Regio has hidden cleaning sprays and a tankless design that utilizes a combination of water and air power for silent, earth-saving flushing. However, the aspects that make the Regio unique can be found in the luxurious extras. For example, it plays soft, relaxing jazz music when the lid is lifted. In fact, Jazz pianist Yoshiko Kishino contributed original pieces specifically for the Regio toilet soundtrack. Now that is a resume booster!


Other features on the Regio include a Sharp designed "mechanism that kills germ-emitting ions," an illuminated toilet bowl, and a seat that is extra wide for those with more ample buttocks. Naturally, all of this luxury will set you back a few—to the tune of 462,000 yen in white ($4500) or 556,500 yen in black ($5400) to be more specific. [Inax via Trends in Japan]

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