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The RIAA Tries to Give a Reacharound to the Legal System

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The RIAA is sick of costly court battles with terrified, preteen defendants who happened to have a Linkin Park album in their shared folder on Soulseek. So they've decided to scale back their whole lawsuit operation, as it's really costly to pay all those venomous, black-hearted lawyers. Good news, right?

Wrong. Rather than take all that time with the legal system, the RIAA is going right for the terrified, non-billionaire jugulars of the "perps" by coercing ISPs to do their dirty work for them. They want ISPs to send letters directly to people asking for a $1,000 settlement if they've been found "guilty" of file sharing by the impartial and even-handed folks at the RIAA. They'll then be directed to where they can automatically deal with paying off the RIAA thugs, as if they were just buying a book on Amazon.


Could the RIAA get any sleazier? They're now blatantly trying to circumvent the legal system and are just extorting money from people who are scared and don't have the resources to defend themselves. Despicable.

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