ThreeZero are continuing their line of figures based on this year's Robocop reboot, and the Robocop 2.0 design will soon be joined by the shiny new ED-209 from the movie. Regardless of how you felt about Robocop, hooray for pretty robot toys!


ThreeZero's ED-209 comes in two flavours, Black and Tan (exclusive to orders directly from ThreeZero themselves), and stands at around 16 inches tall. It's fully poseable for all your awesome mech related toy shenanigans, as well as LEDs to make the ED look even more sinister.

It doesn't quite capture the excellence of the original movie's ED-209, but it's still a damn good looking mech.


Preorders for the toy, due out in early 2015, will go live on ThreeZero's website on December 29th at 9AM Hong Kong Time (that's 8pm Eastern and 5pm Pacific on the 28th). Want one? It'll set you back $450.

[via Toyark]

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