The Running-Powered Bike is Pure Ludicrousness

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Oh… oh my. This is a running-powered bicycle (although technically, it's a tricycle, which gives it even less dignity). There are no pedals; instead, you run with the seat jammed up in your crotch and hop on the foot holds when you get enough speed going to coast. It is amazingly ridiculous, and it only gets funnier when you see the video of some dude running on it with, as I said, the seat jammed up in his crotch.




Finally, a real solution to global warming.

We take away every male's automobile and replace it with one of these. Sperm count will decrease dramatically, and the number of children born will be but a small percentage of what it was originally. With less population, we will be putting significantly less CO2 into the air, and the human race will finally be saved from itself.

Of course, it might be easier to just nuke a certain percetage of human beings. But, that would be considered even more cruel than this device, so this is a much better option.