The Sailor Senshi get an armour upgrade in these amazing cosplays

The Senshi's battlegear in Sailor Moon is hardly the most protective of uniforms, but these awesome cosplays have improved the armour on these magical warriors - making them all the more wonderful.

Header Image taken by Darshelle Stevens

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Okay so whilst they're still not that well protected in terms of realism, these armour-enhanced versions of the Senshi look great, and it's a nice twist on the classic 'sailor suit' design. The group features Gladzy Kei as Sailor Mercury, Andy Rae as Sailor Jupiter, Jessica Nigri as Sailor Mars, Vicky Lau as Sailor Moon, and Jessica Roh as Sailor Venus. Check out individual pictures of each Sailor Senshi below:

Image taken by Benjamin Sims Photography


All Images taken by Vivid Vision unless otherwise credited

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