The SEC Is Still Investigating Steve Jobs' Health Disclosures

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The fact that Steve Jobs' health "went from relatively simple to more complex in nine days" is worrying the Security and Exchange Commission, meaning that investigators are going to poke into whether or not Apple has misled investors.


It's just an investigation now, and no promises of filings or accusations of wrongdoings may be made.

One issue lawyers agree on: The law is murky when it comes to corporate disclosures about a CEO's health. That may make the SEC reluctant to press a case, said Peter Henning, a former federal prosecutor and SEC lawyer who teaches at Wayne State University Law School in Detroit. Regulators will probably focus on the two statements made by Jobs in January, he said.



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Honestly, I think it's a fair thing to investigate. Yet, it would seem that there must be some privacy issues at stake. How much does the shareholding set really need to know. What isn't necessary to disclose? I have a feeling that because Jobs is such a pivotal figure from a product development standpoint, that these disclosures are more meaningful for Apple, but perhaps not for Acme Tool & Die, for example.