The Shadow of the Empire Looms in the New Trailer For Rogue One

The new trailer for Rogue One is here—and with it, new looks at the Empire’s rise, a teasing glimmer of Darth Vader, and why the movie is actually called Rogue One.


This is maybe the most detail-filled trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story so far—with looks at Jyn’s past, including our first official footage of Galen Erso (and confirmation that he worked on the Death Star superlaser), and generally how miserable the Empire is making the galaxy at large.

It does a really good job of emphasising how tiny any sign of resistance really is, and how overwhelming the Imperials are, whether its swathes of officers aboard the Death Star or seemingly insurmountable numbers of Stormtroopers in the ground battles.

But it also does a good job of focusing on what makes Jyn Erso so important to the Rebellion, beyond her connection to her father—she brings them hope, when all is lost. She reminds them what they are fighting for, and as Cassian says, can make “Ten men feel like a hundred.” She’s going to need all the inspiration she can muster to go up something as fearsome as the full might of the Galactic Empire.

Rogue One hits theaters December 16th.

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