The short film "Exist" proves that aliens don't need to be flashy to be scary

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The short film Exist was lodged in our brains ever since we saw the first trailer. Now that it's out, we're thankful that — like the poster — the actual movie kept it free of crappy CG aliens and stunts. It relies on the simple horror of the act of an abduction and gave us chills! Plus, take a look at a new Dylan Dog film.

Remember that horrifying poster we showed you a few weeks ago from this short film? Well, the entire short (written and directed by Tyson Johnston) is online right now, and we're liking what we're seeing. Fingers crossed we'll see more work from Johnston in the future. Watch it above.

Dylan Dog
The last couple of Dylan Dog trailers have been pretty lackluster, but the latest Italian-released trailer is 1,000 times better.

Red needs your help to protect her futuristic town from the furry wolf army. This Little Red Riding Hood action flick only needs a measly $248 over at their Kickstarter page in order to get a better concept trailer up and kicking ass. We're all big fans of DIY-moviemaking, plus you gotta love the thrifty crew and their instructional "How To Build A Wolf Costume for $47" YouTube vids. Here's the official synopsis for Redd:

An action adventure twist on the Red Riding Hood tale with plenty of Horror and Thrills thrown in. This takes place in a post apocalyptic future. The year 2111. Most of the US is destroyed. Most of the major cities are in ruins. Half the world's population has either died off or have left for other planets. Magic Valley is the name of the town where most people are flocking to start over. Magic Valley has electricity, clean water, and they even have a few functioning
restaurants and a movie theater. However there is evil in the nearby forests. Demons, monsters and giant Wolf Beasts are seen. They use to just come out at night, but are starting to appear during the day. Magic Valley doesn't have enough soldiers or ammo to fight this evil.

Enter our heroine known as REDD. She appears one day out of nowhere, in her red cloak and armed to the teeth. She has special weapons and skills and is able to fight many of the large creatures. She is determined to help the town fight the evil in the forest. REDD decides to go deep into the forest to confront the evil head on. Armed with several weapons, and a small team of soldiers, they go deep into the forest to fight their way to the center to kill the source of the evil, an evil woman known as the Grandmother.



The REDD trailer is sort of OK. They DON'T need more money for a better trailer. All the footage they need is already there.

I'm going to say something that might come across as a little mean spirited but it is intended as useful and effective criticism.

The editor - whomever they are - is in love with the footage. They are using way too much to tell the story. Either the editor needs to learn to hate what has been shot - thus cutting the beats down to their nearly subliminal bones - or a new editor needs to come in and find the beats that lie within each take. As it is, the footage is just fine. The props, wardrobe and direction are all fine. They need a cutter to come in and tighten up that narrative. It's all there, they are simply showing us too much - more than the suspension of disbelief will bear.

It's all there guys. Just take a fresh look and start the edit from scratch.