The Slingshot Gets an Upgrade

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Sometimes, you just want to take somebody's eye out and you don't have a BB gun on hand. In those cases, you've gotta turn to your trusty slingshot. This Ringshot concept by Shira Nahon, part of the H.I.T (Holon Institute of Technology) Industrial Design department's "Next Exit" Exhibition in Tel Aviv, Israel, puts a fresh spin on Dennis the Menace's weapon of choice. Just imagine, friends: what if we took all the guns away from all the world's armies? Just think about it. [Flickr via Notcot]


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@10ninjas: yes there are. and slingshots/catapults are killing weapons. not at greater range than maybe 15 metres, and only if youre a crack shot.

im actually interested in this because its possible a cop wouldnt know what he was looking at if he found it on you, and its rather easier to conceal than your standard model. i carry one in my car for a practical expression of road rage, should i have a willing passenger - screw me up and enjoy your dents/cracked windows and intense panic - and im constantly afraid of a search (in the uk they will totally bust you for even having one in public). this one is so concealable and im not sure itd even be obvious what it was with it in your hand.