The Sony PSP, Here for 10 Years

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10 years ago, things were a bit different. We didn't stream the internet to our cellphones, 3D gaming was in its infancy and the iPod didn't exist. In an electronic world where Moore's Law is still going strong, it's hard to imagine using any piece of tech you might own 10 years from now. But Sony marketing manager John Koller thinks you'll do just that.

We've talked about the PSP being a 10 year product, but a 10 year product in the continued... how can I put this... in the continued lifecycle, so we obviously had the 1000, we have the 2000, so the PSP as it was first launched in March 2005 isn't going to the be the PSP that it ends up as in 10 years, but it will still be a very strong portable gaming device that is centered in gaming and has a lot of multi-functional features.

We look at it just like our console business being a 10 year cycle, but we do see iterations as we go along to really adjust to the market.

In other words, while the PSP will be around in 10 years, it won't look like it does today. But the problem is, until they call it a PSP2 official, Sony is stuck pitching gamers a 333mhz processor to maintain platform specs.

So Sony, while you may be making PSPs in 2015, that doesn't mean that we'll still be buying them. [IGN via Kotaku]


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So Sony, while you may be making PSPs in 2015, that doesn't mean that we'll still be buying them.

I thought the problem was that no one was buying them in 2008. Or 2007. Or 2006. Or 2005.

Wait.. I bought one in 2005, and they promised Gran Turismo was going to be released later in the year. Did it come out? Hell, no. How about the next year? No luck. Now they are telling me it might never come out. Clearly they are too busy playing with their own soft brown stuff to make their ten year product something I would want to use.


Sure, I am a little bitter.