The SpeakerCom 360 Will Move Chatting to Your Heart

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The SpeakerCom 360 is Nyko's sequel to their original Xbox SpeakerCom, a chatting solution that allows you to hear through a headset or a chest-height-dangling speaker.

Essentially a mic/headphone configuration like you find in the cellphone market, the SpeakerCom 360 offers the option of hearing your friends through earbuds or a cord-mounted speaker. Connecting through the standard 360 controller, a huge, locking, spacebar-esque MUTE button allows for quick line silencing when your mom walks in and yells about your substantial failures in life.


The demo unit was just a mockup for size, so we weren't able to assess the quality of the speaker, headphones, mic, or MUTE button. But, you know, it looks alright. It'll hit the market later this year for an unannounced price. [Nyko]