The Spectacular Gadgets of Iron Man 2

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We have three clips for you—three very awesome clips, not only of Tony Stark's toys, but the before and after visual effects shots that you'll need to convince your brain that they aren't real. However, they're kinda spoileresque.


Still with us? OK, though if you haven't seen the film yet, you are a horrible, horrible person. (We kid.)

In the next three clips, you'll see some of the coolest day-to-day tech of Iron Man 2: Stark's PDA and a load of his crazy home computer interface—all the work (design, animation and compositing) was done by a company named Perception.


The Holography

The Montage

I particularly enjoy the before shots of Robert Downey Jr. just flicking a coffee table in casual boredom, before the whole fancy touch computer interface is in place. Wouldn't it be great to see Iron Man 2 with none of the special effects put in—maybe a bonus feature on the DVD? It would probably look a lot like this:


And if you haven't read our review two or three times yet, be sure to check it out.



I haven't called any theaters, or been by any to check the times on their displays, but I've checked online and according to all my theaters' websites, none of them are playing ironman 2.