The Speedy HTC One S Hits T-Mobile April 25th for $200

We knew it was coming, but it's nice to get the official details. HTC is bringing its Onesy-goodness to T-Mobile starting next week on April 25th. It'll run you $200 on contract, and it's a very nice piece of kit.


There isn't a whole lot more to add here from our initial hands-on with the One S. Snapdragon S4 makes it mighty speedy, Sense 4.0 running on Ice Cream Sandwich is way less offensive than previous versions of Sense, it comes with a bonus 23GB of free Dropbox space (on top of the two that Dropbox already gives you), and its slick-looking camera has its own dedicated image processor. Beats Audio also makes an appearance, if you're into that.

The One S has a Super AMOLED screen, but it doesn't pack in the resolution of the One X or the Evo 4G LTE (on AT&T and Sprint, respectively). It also lacks NFC, and uses T-Mobile's HSPA+ network for 4G data, which isn't as fast as LTE. Other than that, it's a solid addition to T-Mo's Android stable.

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