Mark Zuckerberg should fill out one of the claim association forms from the California State Comptroller's office. Turns out, he has an unclaimed paycheck from 2004 from PayPal to the tune of $308.62, BetaBeat reports.

Zuck's not alone. The state of California has $6 billion in unclaimed property owed to millions of residents. Those assets can be estates, mineral interests, safety deposit boxes, mutual funds, and so forth. A statistician named Christopher Long has found the funniest ones—the outstanding paychecks, many of which are owed to mega-rich tech execs back in the say when they were still subsisting off of ramen and working out of their parents' basements.


For example, Sergey Brin has a paycheck for $1184.49 waiting for him from Stanford University. Steve Wozniak has $269 in checks that he's owed from several sources. That's probably chump change to these guys now, but back in the early years, it made a difference. [AngryStatistician via BetaBeat]

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