Snail Trail - Philipp Artus

When Gastropods dream, do they dream of Technicolor roller coasters? [Cartoon Brew]

Pink Floyd - P*U*L*S*E — Live at Earls Court, 1994

The Division Bell tour marked the end of Pink Floyd (at that time still led by David Gilmore). It was billed as the final Pink Floyd tour ever (at least until Waters returned to the fold in 2005) and as such got its own commemorative live album: PULSE.

Electronics At Work - Westinghouse

Everything you could have possibly wanted to know about valves in 1943 is contained within this 22 minute news reel. It's like looking back in time when machines ran on pneumatics and even factory workers wore Fedoras on the job. Wait, that's exactly what it is. [Cartoon Brew]

Full Interview with Robert Platshorn

Say hello to the only guy in American history to be locked up for 30 friggin YEARS over a weed bust. That's the single longest prison term for a non-violent marijuana offense of all time.


Home - Luiz Stockler

Warning: This video contains crudely animated genitalia being stretched to humorous proportions. Please refrain from watching if you a) are "at work", b) are "a square", or c) were as offended by The New Yorker's nipple-slip as Facebook was—in which case, please see (b). [Cartoon Brew]