Dinner - Bird Box Studios

Let this be a lesson to all of you that want to reincarnate as a dog—opposable thumbs trump cuteness every time.

Japanese Roulette

It's like Russian Roulette, except you're simply embedding a thumbtack into your temple rather than spreading your temple across a wall. Either way, it's going to sting. [Neatorama]


How a Microwave Oven Actually Works

Magic, electromagnetic radiation, whatever. All I know is that my Cheeto-nacho cheese-fries are a lot hotter than they were 45 seconds ago.

Mr. Wizard—Science Dick

Come on Billy, a six year old could titrate that ammonia solution with hydrochloric acid better than you. Get your head in the game! [Buzzfeed]



Nicotine Vaccine Takes All the Fun Out of Smoking

Well isn't this fantastic. First the Israeli's invent high-less weed, now scientists figure out how to nix nicotine pleasure. All I need now is a case of O'Douls and some baking soda and I can have myself the most boring weekend of all time.