The Stoner Channel: Jumping the Croc, Growing the Pot, and Taking Pictures of Space

Man, Pitfall sure made using crocodiles as stepping stones seem a lot easier than Ross Kananga, Roger Moore's stunt double in Live and Let Die, makes it out to be. [Boing Boing]

Home Depot: Your One Stop Grow-Op Shop

Turns out, the world's largest home improvement retailer conveniently also has everything you need to start your own indoor pot farm. High Times shows us how to get set up for under $150. [High Times]


Squirrel Away - Mark Sheard

This flash animation from Australia's Smart & Sheard Production demonstrates how trees are born. Not grown, born.


First Impressions of the SMOcan

We recently received a demo unit of the SMOcan portable smoking system and have begun preliminary testing. It's a modular aluminum canister assembly containing lighter, poker, and pipe storage, as well as an integrated grinder and herb storage section. At about six inches long, it's a bit awkward in a jeans pocket but can be dropped into a bag without worry of getting crushed and it's nice not having lots of separate paraphernalia floating about your person-hood. The price is steep—$70 and up—but having you entire kit in a single, secure, and easily-transportable is pretty handy. The only complaint so far is the lack of ZigZag storage and the fact it only fits a mini one-hitter.


What It's Like to Take Pictures from the Space Station

NASA astronaut Donald Pettit spent over a year aboard the International Space Station and shares his experience at the Luminance 2012 conference. [It's Okay to Be Smart]


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