The Stoner Channel: Makin' Crack, Blowin' Trillions, and Thinkin' of You

Everything You Need to Know about the Failed War on Drugs

Wait, we're spending how much? $1.5 TRILLION, including prison bills and miscellaneous state level costs, according to Matt Groff. He assembled this damning statistic from publicly available information from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy as part of his upcoming documentary The 1315 Project. [The Atlantic via Boing Boing]

Fisher - Yoram Benz

Shunned by his community, a lonely, disfigured fisherman sets sail on a journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and eventually—fingers crossed—REVENGE. [Cartoon Brew]

Thinking Of You - Robert Dahlem

The worst case divorce scenario—she takes half of all your stuff, even the dog. Robert Dahlem directed and Harold Carr animated this trippy music video for The Maines new single.

How to Make Crack

Hot damn NatGeo, when did you get so educational? Drugs Inc takes a look at the crack making-process with Miami's premiere yellow rock engineer, Chronic.

Two Reasons - Young Rivals

This. I don't even. Was that my grip on reality I just heard snap?


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