Eric Idle and Brian Cox Sing the Galaxy Song

For as much as we like to tell ourselves otherwise, the human race is little more than a tiny smear on the windshield of the Universe. Don't believe me? Listen to this. [The Register]

You'll Never Guess Where This Guy Tried to Hide 2.5 Pounds of Yack

That is, unless you guessed, "in his gut." Border agents became suspicious of 55-year-old Emmanuel Amankwa as he waited for a flight to Japan last week—mostly because he could barely walk, kept moaning, and clutching his belly. Officers initially took him to a local hospital where he shit out over 100 2.5-inch coke-filled capsules before being promptly arrested on felony drug trafficking charges. [CBS 5 via SFist - Image: US Border Patrol]

The Daily Lives of Roman Teenagers Were Way More Awesome Than Yours

Well, you know, aside from all the mercury poisoning, complete lack of basic sanitation and healthcare, and all those damned imperial wars. [Open Culture]

"Extreme Mountain Unicycling" Is Just as Ridiculous as It Sounds

So. So. So. Dumb. [TreeHugger]


Cannabis Might Prevent "Brain Rust"

The same chemical compounds that just melded your ass to your couch for the next four hours might also be the key to preserving your long-term mental capabilities. A recent study published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B suggests that THC might trigger a sort of anti-oxidant scrubbing of your grey matter, removing dead cells and improving mitochondrial performance. Check out what else cannabinoids are capable of over at, at, shit what were we talking about again? [Time]