The Stoner Channel: Slugs vs Robots, Spider-Man vs Batman, and Ken Block Blows the Doors Off of SF

Gymkhana V

That is some major league hoonin' right meow.

Exoids - Aristomenis Tsirbas

And for all their advanced technologies, in the end, both slugs and machines were destroyed by their common enemy—salt. [Cartoon Brew]


Weed May Help Obese Diabetics Burn More Fat

"Metabolic Syndrome" is a deadly trifeca of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity that greatly increases the chances of stroke and heart disease. However, two new compounds discovered in Marijuana may soon lead to new treatment options for this disease.


According to The Telegraph, "Tests in animals have already shown the compounds can help treat type two diabetes while also helping to reduce levels of cholesterol in the blood stream and fat in key organs like the liver." The compounds' success in animal trials have earned them 200 patient clinical trial. The results of those tests should be released by the end of the year. [Telegraph via Weed Porn Daily]


Otzi - Evan Red Borja

This is what happens when you are too clever for your own good. Or maybe not clever enough. Look, all I'm saying is that The Doctor would never make such a rookie mistake. [Cartoon Brew]

Spider-Man VS Batman in Toronto

Figures the Canadian versions of the Marvel superheroes would be too polite to actually throw a punch.


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