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The Super Bowl Will Be Streamed Live for the First Time

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

America's biggest television event, the Super Bowl, is going to be streamed live to computers and mobile devices for the first time ever. Football! Everywhere! Yeah! U-S-A! Along with the Super Bowl, fans will get to peep NBC's Wild Card playoff games and the Pro Bowl (snooze) online too.

NBC already does the web streaming thing for its Sunday Night broadcast so since they're broadcasting the Super Bowl next year, it only makes sense that you'll get the same HD broadcast with DVR controls, different camera angles, highlights, statistics and more. That way you can see Rodgers and Brady (or maybe Tebooow!) throw a gazillion touchdowns in the comfines of your laptop.


On mobile phones, it looks like live streaming is limited to just Verizon phones through the NFL Mobile app. One thing you will miss on a live stream of the Super bowl though: the commercials. [NBC Sports, Image Credit: Getty]