The Supergirl TV Show Wants Lynda Carter to Be Its President [Updated]

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On the show, of course. I don’t think the former Wonder Woman icon is running for office any time soon, as awesome as that would be. But my god, can this be a thing right now, please?

Although Carter’s involvement is not quite official yet—and it wouldn’t happen in the show’s current season anyway—producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg told attendees at an event promoting Supergirl’s crossover with The Flash that they were had a “perfect role” they wanted to cast Carter in:

Berlanti: We had the perfect role for Lynda Carter, and we couldn’t work out her schedule. That’s the biggest disappointment for me for this entire season.

Kreisberg: We’re going to do it, we’ll just do it next year.

Berlanti: Alright, good. She’s the female president of the United States.

DC TV in general has been doing a lovely job of honoring actors who had roles in past live-action incarnations of their heroes, but it would be amazing to see Carter brought into the world of Supergirl.


I almost want Supergirl to bite its figurative thumb at the movie universe and just tease that she’s actually President Diana Prince, a retired Wonder Woman who happened to run for the White House. Just put her old bracers or the lasso of truth on display in the Oval Office in the background or something, the teeniest of hints.

After all, if DC wants to use the “multiverse” excuse to not use TV characters in their movies, why couldn’t Supergirl’s reality have its own Wonder Woman anyway?


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Update: Three months later, and this is now official. Lynda Carter is your new POTUS on CW’s Supergirl.