The Survivalist Provides a Gritty, Paranoid Look at a Post-Apocalyptic World

When people think of post-apocalyptic fiction, there really isn’t a definitive vision. The Road, Mad Max, Fallout—there are hundreds of good ones, all of which are different in interesting ways. Now, a new movie called The Survivalist looks to put another spin on it.


The Survivalist, directed by newcomer Stephen Fingleton, opens in the U.K. February 12 but has yet to acquire US. distribution. It stars Martin McCan as a man who has been surviving on his own for the better part of a decade. Then, one day, a mother and daughter enter his life. He’d like to believe they are kind and have the best intentions, but he can’t quite tell.

What we can tell from the trailer is The Survivalist looks to be a post-apocalyptic world based on tension and realism. It’s a smaller take than some of its counterparts, but a welcome one if it creates the kind of thrills this trailer promises.

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If history is any guide- when/if society crumbles human beings will form relatively stable and productive communities pretty much immediately.

The post apocalypse will look more like Little House on the Prairie and less like Mad Max than you’d think