The team behind The Social Network readies its next flick: Sex On The Moon

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How far would you go to impress the one you love? Would you steal some precious Moon rocks from NASA? The minds behind The Social Network are hatching Sex On The Moon, a movie all about love, space and robberies.


According to the LA Times Ben Mezrich, the mind behind the novel that became the basis of David Fincher's The Social Network, is teaming up with the producers of Fincher's flick for a new film called Sex On The Moon. This new movie is based on a new idea from Mezrich, which the paper loosely sums up:

The new film tells the story of Thad Roberts, a once-promising young scientist working for NASA who back in 2004 hatched a crazy plan to steal highly prized moon rocks from his bosses at the Johnson Space Center and sell them on the Internet. The motivation: wanting to impress his girlfriend (i.e., "giving her the moon").

Now this is the sort of nerd heist we can believe in — or at least, more so than the premise of Fanboys.


Snow leopard

Am I the only person who didn’t think the Social Network was all that amazing? Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying it was a bad film. It was well acted, well directed, and well shot, but the plot was so predictable that I felt like I was watching an extended version of the trailer. I was hoping for more on the impact of social networking in our society but all I got was the same "Ruthless people are successful but success leads to drugs, sex and causes you to lose your friends" plot structure that we’ve seen played out since Wall Street came on the scene decades ago.

Any exploration of more contemporary themes felt lightly alluded to at best. We hear about facebook, we see the money people are making, but we never get any unique view on the impact it has outside of the people who are arguing over the intellectual rights.