The Television Series You Can't Stop Thinking About

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Everybody has one: It's the TV series you've collected on DVD, the one you quote from way too often. You've scientifically identified the best episodes, and try to convert new viewers by showing them. Now, try to convert us.

What show should we all be watching RIGHT NOW, and why? And what are the best episodes to start with?

I'm going to start by recommending Supernatural, a show that's on the air right now and just keeps getting better. There are plenty of other shows I love just as much, but right now I have Supernatural on the brain. Why is it so great? It's a well-written show whose paranormal investigators walk the same ground as X-Files but manage to have more depth of feeling and a better sense of humor. Also, the scrappy Winchester brothers are the opposite of Mulder and Scully: Instead of being elite FBI agents, they are fugitives who have to solve their cases using subterfuge and an underground network of "hunters" in the midwest who fight monsters.


So if you like smart dialogue and bad-assery, dive into Supernatural. I'd recommend starting with 4 episodes from season one: Episode 1, followed by 20-22. These will give you the plot arc of the boys' backstory with a yellow-eyed demon and their hunter dad (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan), and supply some of the best action from the sometimes uneven first season.

What do you recommend?