The Thing: The Real One, Not That Stupid Prequel

On a whim, I decided to watch John Carpenter's The Thing last night and it proved to be an absolutely fantastic decision. At 30 years old, the film is no spring chicken, but it's amazing how little that matters.

That's mostly thanks to the fantastic direction, and the person-to-person tension that doesn't rely so much on special effects, but even those are still great to watch. Don't get me wrong, it's pretty apparent that they are puppets, but the thing is that they are still terrifying puppets, at least if you're like me and slimey things sprouting spider-legs is terrifying at any and all times. It's really amazing how little the film shows its age in any meaningfully detrimental way.


Like most classic films you want to watch, The Thing can't be found on Netflix streaming (sigh), but you can grab it over at Amazon Instant. Treat yourself to a little classic horror and watch everyone very closely... [Amazon Instant]

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