The Three Kinds of Windows Phone 7 Phones

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During the Frankly Speaking podcast, the hosts, who are Microsoft Australia Developer Evangelists spilled some details on how limited the hardware for Windows Phone 7...phones are going to be. There are precisely three chassis variants.

Chassis 1 is the phone we all saw on launch day—a huge touchscreen with a minimum 1GHz processor (read: Snapdragon) and a dedicated GPU, along with all of the other requirements we've talked about. They'll be the first out of the gate. Chassis 2 is the keyboard variant, with sliding keyboards and touchscreens, which are apparently more Palm Treo-like. What Chassis 3 is like is still a mystery, though.


While the three supported chassis are obviously pretty locked down, it'll be interesting to see how much of their own spin manufacturers will be able to rub on Windows Phone 7, given precisely how much they can't touch. [Frankly Speaking via ZDNet]