The Toilet of Tomorrow

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You don't know how to use this toilet? Wait, wait, you don't know about the three seashells, either?? How could someone not understand the three seashells? Well, before you are further humiliated, let me explain.

The Home Core Integrated Toilet, a concept by Dang Jingwei, fits a pedestal sink and a toilet into one, eco-friendly unit with a dangerous-looking swivel.

When you wash your hands or brush your teeth in the sink, the system can retain this "gray water" for the toilet. Apparently, your butt excretions are not as picky as your mouth—who woulda thunk—so mixing some toothpaste with what is already wretched waste is no big deal. (Though, I'll admit, it's an image I'm not exactly keen on seeing.)


As for the seashells, those are just there to hold hand jewelry. What were you doing with them? [Yanko Design via DVICE]