The Toothbrush of the Future, the Toothsponge

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In Brazilian industrial designer Fabio Dabori's world, we won't brush our teeth with bristles, synthetic reminders of a barbaric time we cleaned our teeth with animal hair. No, we are enlightened beings, and we will make our pearly whites beam eerily with...a sponge. Electric toothsponges. Dabori says that his patent-pending Giro Sponge holds water, massages gums and polishes teeth all at the same time. He hopes to have it to market soon, with versions for adults and kids. Besides the fact that I think it would feel totally creepy, like brushing your teeth with a wet rag, the real spoiler here is that you would have to floss all the time since it doesn't go between your teeth at all-I hate flossing, and I'm not going to do it more than once a day. [Crave]


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I have one of those Sonicare's and I Love it. Seriously, prior to owning one, I would never have considered spending $100 on a toothbrush. But my sister gave me one for my birthday a couple of years back, and I love it. When it eventually breaks, I will replace it. I had to get one for my wife too after she borrowed mine (yeah, sharing toothbrush's is gross, but were married).