Just last night a man fell between the train and the platform at Liverpool station in the UK, due to overcrowding. If that's not reason enough for train companies to adopt this X-ray vision concept, I don't know what is.

It's the work of 4-id Creative Network, who have conjured up what I hope is the future of train networks worldwide. Knowing where to stand on the train platform to ensure you can not only board the train, but possibly get a seat too would be worth paying a little extra in train fares.


The redesigned display board at stations could display such information as Wi-Fi availability, whether special services are on offer, passenger density, and the usual train information such as the time, train line and end destination. I'm convinced it's the future—and with most cities suffering from overcrowding, particularly on public transport service, it could end up saving a lot of lives. [Yanko Design]

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