The Tri-Folds Sofa Gives You Plenty of Places to Stash the Remote

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Every sofa doubles as a black hole that sucks and traps the pocket contents of all who dare sit on it. But when the TV remote goes missing in a room accented with this lovely Tri-Folds sofa by Camille Paillard, the odds are pretty good that it's just hiding inside one of its folded pockets.

After all, every sofa could use more storage. How often do you find your coffee table or side table overflowing with magazines, books, and home theater remotes? With the Tri-Folds there's lots of handy places to stash all that crap. Pricing for the sofa hasn't been revealed just yet, but eventually it will be available from the Swiss brand deSede for all of your last minute "oh no company's here already!" cleaning needs. [Camille Paillard via designboom]