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The TSA Finds Weapons in the Darndest Places: Knives in Foot Powder, Knives in Lipstick and More

People, why do you hide weapons when you fly. You're just asking for trouble! And seriously, is there a need to wrap knives in foil and then hide it in a bottle of foot powder? Or put a knife inside lipstick? Here are the weapons the TSA found in the weirdest places.

People think they're slick or something:

  • After alarming the walk through metal detector, a passenger at Richmond (RIC) was referred for a pat-down. During the pat-down, a knife with a 3" blade fell out of the man's pants leg. He admitted that he was intentionally trying to conceal the knife.
  • Sword + Cane = Sword Cane. These seem to be a very common item and the majority of people who possess them had no idea there was a sword in their cane. Tip - if you have a second-hand cane, try pulling it apart. You might be surprised. The latest one was discovered at Akron (CAK).
  • A pocketknife was found wrapped in foil and concealed inside a plastic bottle of foot powder at Detroit (DTW).
  • A knife was discovered under the lining and under the frame of a carry-on bag at Philadelphia (PHL).
  • A lipstick knife was discovered at Ft. Lauderdale (FLL).
  • A credit card knife was discovered at Albuquerque (ABQ).
  • An airport cleaning employee in Atlanta (ATL) discovered a loaded .38 caliber pistol in a flower pot in the public area. Apparently, somebody realized they had their firearm at the last minute and ditched it before going through security.

Check out what other weird stuff the TSA found this past week here. Grenades, guns and more grenades and guns. [TSA]

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the credit card knife, i can see being an accident. I have a small blade on my money clip and i always think, "one day i'm gonna forget i am carrying this at the airport."

As for what they find... i once went on a short day trip, after coming back home... i realized i failed to remove a pocket knife from my camera bag... also.. for the most part... i think a sharp wooden pencil could probably kill someone easier than the lipstick knife...