The Tuxedo Mask figure does not suck as much as Tuxedo Mask does

Tuxedo Mask is getting a bit of a bad rap lately - but at least Tamashii Nations is giving us a good bit of Mamoru news with this delightful new figure. Look, he's got a Rose and everything!


Based on not the Manga or the most recent Anime adaptation Sailor Moon Crystal but the original 90's anime, this S.H. Figuarts of everyone's favourite not-actually-wearing-a-tuxedo anime dude comes with a detachable Cap and removable hat/mask, as well as a Cane and Rose accessory! He comes with a Rose! It might not be Canon for the Manga, but I cannot state how much I miss Tuxedo Mask not having a Rose to fling about in Sailor Moon Crystal. It gives him something to do that isn't a) Run away or b) Shout 'SAILOR MOON DO THE THING'. Plus, the idea of a masked crusader running around flinging flowers at people was just fantastic.

Tuxedo Mask doesn't have a price tag from Tamashii just yet, but he is out in April 2015, rounding out the gang of SH Figuarts Sailor Moon characters.

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